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Obama on Bill O’Reilly

September 11, 2008

Not that I need to give any blog-time to that obnoxious weasel, but when he asked Obama about the missile system in Eastern Europe, the good Senator agreed with him that the Russians don’t seriously believe that their ICBMs face a threat from American missile interceptors so nobody needs to worry about it.

But that’s of course not the point. It’s about unnecessarily messing up relations with Russia and all for installing a system for defending the country from non-existent Iranian/N.Korean missiles. But most importantly, why, why didn’t Obama cite all those studies saying that the missile defense is technically not feasible. Won’t it be the easiest way to demolish the slanderous O’Reilly’s arguments?

I just feel sad that when it comes to missile defense, Obama doesn’t enumerate the essential problems, or perhaps is not aware of them.