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Is Obama playing it safe?

August 29, 2008

Among the many words that Barack Obama used yesterday during his Democratic Convention acceptance speech to address myriad issues, one line was devoted to tackling the energy issue. When he said, “We will devote our energy and resources to renewables, to wind and solar energy and the next generation of…” I really thought he was going to say “next generation of nuclear reactors”. But he said “biofuels” instead. What next generation of biofuels? What about the land that is going to be used for growing them? What about their energy balance?
Sometimes I wonder if Obama is just playing it safe and pandering to public fears. I do hope that if and when he gets elected, he will quietly push nuclear energy without making a hullabaloo about it. He does seem to be a guy who would wisely withhold opinions and decisions to calm an unduly concerned public. Let’s just hope he is doing this about nuclear.

I exist

August 14, 2008

But I had to inevitably be away. I will reemerge very soon.