Another reason for Obama as President?

For a variety of reasons, Barack Obama is my personal favourite for the presidential nomination, although I unfortunately doubt whether he could trump Hilary Clinton. But there may be one more reason for choosing him as president; he may provide some positive inputs towards stopping nuclear proliferation. In a C-SPAN book talk by Richard Rhodes, the author of “Arsenals of Folly” hinted that Obama has signed on to an ambitious plan being drafted by George Schultz and Sam Nunn to get rid of nuclear weapons. Given the current president’s stance on these weapons, almost anyone would be a welcome change, but I won’t be surprised if Obama is the foremost champion of arms disarmament, given what I have always felt to be his balanced and reasoned view of things. As an ironic side-point, Rhodes also said that this president can still save his despicable administration from the clutches of history by pushing for abolition of nuclear weapons. Yes, he would do that, if Al Gore became a Republican. Probably not even then.

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