A dip into things nuclear

A bit about how I became interested in the topic. My original interest began with the history and future of nuclear weapons, and I read several books related to them, such as Richard Rhodes’s magnificent The Making of the Atomic Bomb. I understood that nuclear weapons were clearly a major threat which needs to be to greatly reduced by international action. But at the same time, I was quite puzzled about how people bin nuclear power in the same category as nuclear weapons. I was disheartened when I saw liberals and environmentalists (of which I consider myself to be one) who care about the environment and about global warming, vehemently argue against nuclear power. Even Al Gore does not give it serious thought. I was even more baffled when I read about the obvious promise nuclear power holds for humanity as a clean, efficient, and more importantly one of the safest sources of power that we can have. Clearly there is still great miscommunication between public and political perceptions of nuclear power and factual reality. I believe that we all need to consider nuclear power as one of our biggest allies in fighting climate change and the energy crisis.

On this blog, I hope to keep track of all things nuclear, from weapons to nuclear power. While it will serve as a platform for my views, I also consider it a platform for a learning experience. So all suggestions, comments and criticism are most welcome. So is anyone who is interested in contributing. I will start with posting some nuclear-related reviews from my old regular website.


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